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We sure love our kitchens, don’t we? While we may have a family room, rec room, a living room and other areas where we entertain, we often find ourselves in the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Options

We all have our reasons for renovating. It might be old and in need of updating, or poorly laid out from a functional point of view. Some older kitchens have small windows so you might want more natural light. Some people feel that forced-air heat isn’t the best choice for a kitchen either.

One option to consider when renovating your kitchen is radiant floor heating which could be installed under a variety of floor coverings. When we start talking about design, we can show a few countertops and cabinetry designs. If your budget is restricted you can consider replacing your old cabinet doors and facings. If you want to gut the room and start from scratch we have a few different layouts you’ll like. So if you are serious about cooking that means you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and things have to feel right whether we are talking function or esthetics.

Experienced Kitchen Renovators

With decades of experience in kitchen renovations under our belts, we have mastered the art. We will help you to…

  • Achieve the design and layout that is right for you
  • Improve the functionality of your kitchen
  • Get the right appliances, such as natural gas, electric, or a combination of both
  • Design unique storage options
  • Choose the right materials and finishes
  • Update and improve electrical and plumbing systems
  • Enhance visibility through the use of larger windows, skylights and work-station lighting

Why GoldBay Construction Ltd. is a Great Choice

When it comes to home renovations of any kind these days, the options are amazing and can even be overwhelming. But you aren’t alone: Mike has a talent for visualizing your ideas, like getting new cabinets just right. Our crew at Goldbay Construction  Ltd.will ensure that renovations to your kitchen have the function and form you’ll love. The uncompromising quality of our work evokes confidence and becomes an exciting prospect once plans are laid. Call now for a free consultation.

Kitchen Renovation Tips