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Our properties are one of the biggest business investments we can hope to make in this lifetime. In many instances, choosing to build or renovate a property involves the use of a trustworthy concrete contractor to pour and create a slab foundation or to do proper flatwork, but oftentimes, the work doesn’t just stop there! Decorative concrete is a fantastic way that our company can bring style and function to your backyard, community garden or office.

For years, our company, GoldBay Construction Ltd. has helped local Coquitlam and area homeowners and business owners alike renovate and build properties that withstand the test of time. Our newest addition to our list of offerings is concrete services!

Concrete Flatwork

Horizontal concrete flatwork can be found virtually anywhere in modern construction trends. Ranging from basement slabs to simple driveways, flatwork is the basis for all concrete work. It may look like a simple affair just mixing and pouring, but much more than meets the eye goes into our flatwork!

The area must first be evaluated for proper fit and construction before the concrete can be mixed with the correct additives in order to ensure durability and longevity. Steel reinforcements are also a necessity while the weather patterns may impact the installation of concrete. All flatwork must be properly finished with a durable sealer to ensure it is weather resistant to the heat and cold.

Our work goes beyond the obvious, and concrete flatwork can be designed to create brand new steps or porches, garage floors, walkways and driveways, parking lots, patios, and even, retaining walls. We can create any look you want and accommodate your property, whether it’s a brand-new build or an old construction that needs old concrete removal.

Decorative Concrete

If you want your walkway or patio to look a bit more polished and luxurious than a simple concrete pour, our decorative concrete work can address all of your needs! We can offer exposed aggregate or stamped concrete options while allowing you to select from different concrete colours.

Here are some of the decorative concrete options available:

*Aggregate or rock is actually present when concrete is being manufactured. When selecting this option, we can allow property owners to expose natural rocks in order to create a decorative pour that’s beautiful, functional, and durable all at the same time. In fact, many types of rock can be used to design a pattern where concrete becomes a secondary addition only for structural reasons.

*Stamping concrete is another option that many property owners find desirable. Instead of using real cobblestone designs or natural rocks, the concrete is stamped to create a geometric effect. This is especially an affordable option for walkways and garden paths.

*Concrete colouring allows for deviation from the gloomy gray hue that we have all come to associate with concrete. There are many bright and light colours available that can make the decorative concrete stand out and also add curb appeal to a home or business.

Let Us Help You!

Not all homeowners are able to make the right decisions when it comes to decorative concrete work or flatwork. For this reason, we can offer consultation services where we can go over all of your options as well as the potential benefits of choosing a certain type of service. We will never push you into making a choice, and our consultations are always free. We want to work with everyone regardless of the size of their budget, and whatever your needs are, GoldBay Construction will have the answer!

Why Choose Us

There are other Coquitlam concrete contractors that you can choose to do business with, but none will be as attentive to your needs or as thorough in design and construction as GoldBay Construction Ltd.. We can handle building your home or business in its entirety, and that means fewer transactions with better results. Over three decades of faithful local service allows us to build with an in-depth knowledge of local real estate and the natural environment.

If you’re interested in our concrete services, we also offer numerous other services of interest to help property owners’ bundle! Ranging from a simple kitchen renovation to a complete home build with electrical and plumbing, GoldBay Construction Ltd. is with you every step of the way. No guesswork and no stress involved when you choose to contact for a free consultation!